Hardware wanted

The following list outlines hardware that the OpenBSD project could use. There are a number of reasons why developers need hardware, and it is important to first of all realize these reasons:

If you do not own these devices, but want to help us, we recommend you search on eBay for the devices. If you do the bidding and then get the device shipped to us, it really helps us. It is better if developers develop, and skip the bidding process, since any time saved can be spent on improving OpenBSD instead.

If it is clear which specific developer should be contacted, please do so directly. Otherwise contact Theo de Raadt who will pass on the message to whichever developers are in need.

Please be very clear as to where you are located!! For larger items this can be very important.

Specific developers to contact for various reasons

If you do not get a response from these developers, please consider contacting another developer.

General device requirements.

We try to spread these types of devices around our development community.

Networking equipment

Contact deraadt@openbsd.org.

10Gb Ethernet Support

David Gwynne (in Australia), Reyk Floeter (in Germany), and Claudio Jeker (in Switzerland) are working on support for 10 Gigabit Ethernet devices. These developers would like the following hardware to help development: Contact dlg@openbsd.org, reyk@openbsd.org, and claudio@openbsd.org.

Specific platform requests by our developers

Specific cards needed by our developers

Specific devices and equipment needed by our developers

Software wanted

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