Translation of the OpenBSD documentation


What is it?

The OpenBSD project strives to maintain many high standards, one of them is to supply users with excellent documentation, in the form of man pages and web pages.

To make the learning of non-english speakers easier, the website and its FAQ have been translated and are kept up-to-date by several translation teams. You can take a look at the actively maintained languages in the table below for more details.

Who is doing this?

As with all OpenBSD activity, this work is done by volunteers.
Only linked translations are up-to-date and actively maintained.

cs Czech Tomas Bodzar
de German -
es Spanish Miguel Vidal
fr French Antoine Jacoutot and Benoit Lecocq (See OpenBSD [fr] Translation Information for more information)
hu Hungarian -
it Italian Giuseppe Reale
ja Japanese -
lt Lithuanian Henrikas Judickas
nl Dutch Maurice Janssen
pl Polish Tomasz Kniaz
pt Portuguese Renato dos Santos
ru Russian Vladimir Pal and Alexander Naumov
zh Chinese Dongsheng Song (See OpenBSD [zh] Translation Information for more information)

Everything is coordinated by Antoine Jacoutot and Benoit Lecocq.

How does it work?

The website consists of multiple subdirectories which we will call sections, for each language there is an extra subdirectory in each section if a translation exists. This subdirectory has a name that is the two-letter ISO 639-1 language code, like 'de' for German or 'fr' for French. In that directory, we find files with the same names as their original [en] version, only translated in the correct language.

For example:


If www/de/index.html links to a translated page goals.html, it points to www/de/goals.html. If security.html is not (yet) translated, it should link to ../security.html, and points to www/security.html.

We will also maintain in each translated and original [en] file a series of links to the translated pages. These links should be sorted! You can find these in the left top of index page, for example: [cs] [de] [en] [fr] [nl]

All the contributors have a CVS account on a dedicated CVS server steelix.bsdfrog.org. After the pages are finished and up to date, they are synchronized with the main OpenBSD CVS repository.

Note: the CVS repository hosted by steelix.bsdfrog.org is not public. One must have a CVS account on this server to access the repository.

The current status of the translation work can be tracked online via the OpenBSD Translation Status page which is generated hourly.

More detailed documentation about the translation procedures is available from Contributing to the OpenBSD translation effort.

Want to contribute?

Follow the instructions on the Contributing to the OpenBSD translation effort page.

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