Support and Consulting


OpenBSD has attracted a critical mass of developers, support organizations, and consultants such that it is now safe to commit to using OpenBSD in your projects. The following individuals and organizations have indicated that they are able to provide support as indicated. However, the OpenBSD Project does not necessarily endorse any of these. Please contact each site directly.

These entries are arranged geographically by country, so that you can find a consultant near you. Algeria Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Colombia Costa Rica Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece India Ireland Israel Italy Japan Latvia México Moldova Netherlands New Zealand Norway Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Russia Singapore Slovak Republic South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Tonga Turkey UAE USA Ukraine United Kingdom Venezuela

If you want to submit your own entry, the format is quite rigid; please use this template (do not just copy and paste plain text from your browser!). If you want your website to be listed, make sure it can actually be viewed on OpenBSD, and does not require any proprietary software. When you think your entry is ready, mail it to www at openbsd.org, with a Subject: line containing the word "support" and either the word "new" or "update". Note that we may, at any time and without notification, remove your entry if it is found to be inaccurate, if your website is broken, or if there is no mention of OpenBSD on it. If this happens, just re-submit your entry after the situation is corrected if you want to be listed again.

Contact Name/
Naoufel Hadji
Algiers, Algiers 16000
Phone: +213663519155
Email: hadji.naoufel@gmail.com
BSD and Linux consulting, installation, maintenance and support services.
Marcelo Gulin
Servicios OpenBSD
Gallo 606
Capital Federal, Buenos Aires C1172ABN
Phone: 0054-11-4861-8852
FAX: 0054-11-4861-8852
Email: openbsd@openbsd-support.com.ar
URL: http://www.openbsd-support.com.ar/
Instalacion y configuracion del sistema operativo OpenBSD, PF firewall y NAT, QoS, VPN IPSec, servidores web, DNS, de correo POP/IMAP/SMTP, de bases de datos, de archivos o de impresion. Soluciones personalizadas sobre plataforma OpenBSD de acuerdo a su necesidad.
Greg Baker
The Institute for Open Systems Technologies Pty Ltd
Suite 17, 57 Culloden Road
Marsfield, NSW 2122
Phone: 0500 545 856, 02 8231 5735, 0408 245 856
FAX: 02 9868 5793
Email: greg.baker@ifost.org.au
URL: http://www.ifost.org.au/
IFOST provides training (courses in OpenBSD administration and use), security consulting (including architecture, VPNs, penetration testing), firewalls (including pf, CARP, etc.) software development (particularly using embedded OpenBSD) and back-porting of OpenBSD patches to older OpenBSD releases. Current clients include HP, Fujitsu, several Australian government departments, a few utilities, and a number of finance and healthcare companies.
Aldo Cortesi
Nullcube Pty Ltd
5 Wilson St
Newtown, Sydney, New South Wales 2042
Phone: 1300 767 007
Email: info@nullcube.com
URL: http://www.nullcube.com.au/
Nullcube provides services to organisations with exceptional security needs. We use OpenBSD to develop and support network architectures for security-sensitive environments, including firewalls, VPNs, proxies, and IDS / IPS solutions. We are also experts in IT security auditing, penetration testing, risk management, and incident response.
Rocco Carbone
Greyhat Systems
GPO Box 1136
Adelaide, South Australia 5001
Phone: (+61).1300.306.788
Email: openbsdsupport@greyhat.com.au
URL: http://www.greyhat.net.au/
10+ years UNIX experience. Setup and support of OpenBSD servers, routers and firewalls. E-business consulting. OpenBSD based secure website hosting
Joel Sing
Ionix Technology Pty. Ltd.
PO Box 1303
Bendigo, Victoria 3554
Phone: +61 3 5441 1226
FAX: +61 3 5441 6699
Email: info@ionix.com.au
URL: http://www.ionix.com.au/
Over 5 years experience with OpenBSD and Linux. We build, install, support and administer OpenBSD and Linux based file servers, web servers, mail servers, database servers, routers, firewalls, intrusion detection systems and VPNs. We have a strong emphasis on security and reliability, and provide complete solutions.
Con Zymaris
Cybersource Pty. Ltd.
Level 4, 10 Queen Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Phone: +61 3 9621 2377
FAX: +61 3 9621 2477
Email: info@cyber.com.au
URL: http://www.cyber.com.au/
Cybersource has been working with open source Unix/BSD/Linux platforms and technologies for nearly 10 years. We have a strong focus on systems administration and network security, and offer consulting services in these areas.
CyberSecure Pty Ltd
Melbourne, Victoria
Phone: +61 3 9457 4338
FAX: +61 3 9458 1343
Email: service@cybersecure.com.au
URL: http://www.cybersecure.com.au/
CyberSecure provides offsite backup, managed firewalls and managed OpenBSD servers. To achieve the highest standards, all our server installations are exclusively OpenBSD and we try to follow the OpenBSD project's goals in security and quality.
Alex M
Level 1, 474 st kilda rd
Melbourne, Victoria 3004
Phone: 1300 888 106
Email: webmaster@osbti.com
URL: http://www.osbti.com.au
6+ Years experience with UNIX including Linux, Red Hat, Ubuntu Free BSD, Open BSD, Debian, Suse, Fedora Core and RHEL. We provide training, consulting and network deployment on various UNIX platforms. TCP/IP network planning and deployment. We can build and customise OpenBSD routers and firewalls.
Chris Kruger
Core Software
272A Preston Point Road
Perth, WA 6157
Phone: +61 8 63644812
FAX: +61 8 6267 8014
Email: chris.kruger@coresoftware.net.au
URL: http://www.coresoftware.net.au/openbsd.html
10 Years of OpenBSD Experience. Firewalls, Web servers and more.
Mag. Andreas Holzinger
Bockgasse 29/4
Linz, Oberoesterreich A-4020
Phone: +43 (0) 732 / 600 212
FAX: +43 (0) 732 / 600 212 20
Email: a.holzinger@liwicom.at
URL: http://www.liwicom.at/
Liwicom installs transparent as well as non transparent Firewall Systems and Fileservers based on OpenBSD. We have more than 6 years experience in Linux/Unix. We support OpenBSD, Linux, Windows and Mac OS installation, configuration and maintenance as well as network administration and Windows server integration. We offer services in Austria in Linz and Vienna.
Security Consulting
Admins WebSecurity
Postfach 33033
Deutschlandsberg, Steiermark 8530
Phone: +43-900-970144-1
Email: austria@admins.ws
URL: http://www.admins.ws/
Admin WebSecurity offers OpenBSD based HIGH-END Security solutions. We support *BSD and Linux installation, configuration, maintenance, administration. Our staff is specialized in Security Audits, VPN, IDS, IRS and Firewall Design. We offer services in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
Dipl.-Ing. Gernot Schmied
Mariahilferstrasse 81, 2/2/9
Vienna, Vienna A-1060
Phone: +43-6991-9235834
Email: office@iktech.net
URL: http://www.iktech.net/
IKTech is a team of experienced security, network and systems engineers. We are systems integrators supporting OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Linux and Solaris and are the authoritative competence center for Open Source as well as commercial UNIX-based routing solutions in the area. We have a strong focus in high-end integrated gateways featuring access, dynamic routing, VPN, firewalling and IDSs.
Bruno Mairlot
Rue Terres Rouges, 13
Amay, Liege Amay
Phone: +32.85236863
FAX: +32.85236863
Email: openbsd@maehdros.com
URL: http://www.maehdros.be/
OpenBSD and Linux Firewall Installation - Especially for VPN appliances using OpenVPN software. 24/7 Support and Secure Remote Management
Dr. Martin Beckmann
Lochtstraat 51
Eigenbilzen, Limburg 3740
Phone: +32-497-546096
Email: martin@beckmann-consult.com
URL: http://www.beckmann-consult.com/
OpenBSD and Linux consulting, installation, maintenance and support services for small business, docter's office, lawyer's office, home office etc.
Koen Van Impe
Postweg 61
Sint-Pieters-Leeuw 1602
Email: sales@cudeso.be
URL: http://www.cudeso.be
Mailservers, webservices, VPN, firewalls, web-applications, vulnerability scanning
Thomas Woidt
RootSecurity Solutions and Consulting
Kerkstraat 52
Belsele, Oost-Vlaanderen 9111
Phone: +32 (0)3 555 29 01
Email: thomas@rootsecurity.be
URL: http://www.rootsecurity.be/openbsd/
We implement and provide support on network and security solutions based on OpenBSD like firewalls, VPNs and internet routers.
Thalysson Sarmento
R. Jose Hailton dos Santos 1997C - Tabuleiro dos Martins
Maceio, Alagoas 57073-080
Phone: +55 82 8826-6167
Email: sarmento@bsd.com.br
Solutions and Consulting free systems. Implementation and maintenance of servers OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Linux.
Gustavo Prado
QAC- Quality Assurance Consult Ltda
AV Barão Homem de Melo, 4386 7 andar
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais 30750-330
Phone: 55 xx 31 32920623
FAX: 55 xx 31 32920623
Email: gustavo@qaconsulting.com.br
URL: http://www.qaconsulting.com.br/
We specialize in network/security/wireless-LAN solutions, and we think that OpenBSD is the best choice.
Waldir Borba Júnior
R. Dr Sátilas do Amaral Camargo, 654 - Tingui
Curitiba, Paraná 82620-000
Phone: +55 41 9127-9782
FAX: +55 256-5960
Email: waldir@xmlbrasil.com.br
URL: http://www.xmlbrasil.com.br/
OpenBSD/Linux installation, configuration, security, web-email-ftp-dns servers, firewall/gateway/proxy for ADSL/ISDN. Database development (PostgreSQL and mySQL). Software development (C,C++,Java,HTML,PHP,SQL,Delphi and Kylix).
Daniel Gomes Vargas
Volcano Intelligent Solutions
Av Silva Jardim, 2251
Curitiba, Paraná 80240-020
Phone: +55 41 3024-5116
FAX: +55 41 3024-5116
Email: daniel.vargas@volcano.com.br
URL: http://www.volcano.com.br/
Over 8 years experience with UNIX based systems and Windows Servers. We build, install, support and administer OpenBSD, Linux and Windows based file servers, web servers, mail servers, database servers, routers, firewalls, IDS and VPNs. We provide solutions of security and Internet Services.
ServiceSul Consultoria em Informática Ltda.
R. Carneiro da Fontoura, 327
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul 90000 000
Phone: 55 51 3024 3811
FAX: 55 51 3024 3811
Email: edwjr@terra.com.br
Over 5 years experience with OpenBSD, Linux and Windows Servers. We build, install, support and administer OpenBSD, Linux and Windows based file servers, web servers, mail servers, database servers, routers, firewalls, intrusion detection systems and VPNs. We have a strong emphasis on security and Internet Services.
Luciano Goulart
Lnx-IT Informação e Tecnologia
Av. Venâncio Aires, 1137 - Bairro: Rio Branco
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul 90040193
Phone: 55-51-3331.1446
Email: comercial@lnx-it.inf.br
URL: http://www.lnx-it.inf.br/
Technical support and consulting services OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Linux, Mac/OS and Unix operating systems and databases MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. Fifteen years of experience in services it has supported the environment of operational system, networks and relational database.
Marcello Morsello
Tecno21 Informática Ltda.
Rua Albuquerque Lins, 804 cj. 31
São Paulo, SP 01230-000
Phone: +55 (11) 3825-2472
FAX: +55 (11) 3825-2472
Email: morsello@tecno21.com.br
URL: http://www.tecno21.com.br/
OpenBSD firewall/gateway/proxy for ADSL/ISDN installation and update services. C/C++, PERL, Java and Kylix development on UNIX (*BSD, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, HP-VV). GNU software configuration and support on commercial UNIXes.
Leonardo Larsen Rocha
Nunix Consultoria Ltda
Regente Feijó
Blumeneau, Santa Catarina 89035410
Phone: 55-47-3395536
FAX: 55-47-3395536
Email: leonardo@nunix.com.br
URL: http://www.nunix.com.br/
We supply OpenBSD-based firewalls and internet-gateways, often to small businesses needing an "administrator-less" solution. We do consulting and education work on OpenBSD and on LiNUX as well. We build, install, support and administer OpenBSD and Linux based file servers, web servers, mail servers, database servers, routers, firewalls, intrusion detection systems and VPNs. We have a strong emphasis on security and reliability, and provide complete solutions.
Yovko Lambrev
OpenIntegra Ltd.
Beli Brezi, bl.15, ap.6
Sofia, Sofia 1000
Phone: +359 88 826 2552
FAX: +359 32 630 119
Email: info@openintegra.com
URL: http://www.openintegra.com/
A Bulgarian open source support and services company. BSD and Linux-based solutions provider.
Bob DeBolt
Starblanket Research
521 - Whiteland Dr NE
Calgary, Alberta T1Y-3S5
Phone: 1-877-280-3695 (North America)
Email: bob.debolt@telusplanet.net
All of our production servers are based on OpenBSD. A partial list of our servers includes the scalable OpenBSD firewall, True Web Content Filtering and caching-proxies, each of which is based on the increasingly sophisticated OpenBSD - PF firewall servers. We develop and manage security policies for educational institutions and SOHO/Corporate environments.
Don Tetreault
The Bitmill Inc.
149 Tuscany Ridge View
Calgary, Alberta T3L 2J5
Phone: (403) 230-1839
Email: info _at_ thebitmill.com
URL: http://www.thebitmill.com/
7+ years *NIX sysadmin experience, including *BSD, IRIX, Linux, SunOS, Solaris. System security specialization includes PF/IPF firewall and host hardening in data center environments.
Tobias Weingartner
Apt. B 7707-110 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 1G3
Phone: (780)720-8539
Email: weingart@tepid.org
URL: http://www.tepid.org/~weingart/
Have worked on Intel 386 boot code, Unix administration, etc, etc. If people pay for plane ticket, food and lodging, then I'll travel almost anywhere. :-)
Bob Beck
Obtuse Systems Corporation
8101 160 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5R 2G9
Phone: 780 481 6576
Email: beck@obtuse.com
URL: http://www.obtuse.com/
Worked on many daemons, kernel network code, transparent proxies, SSL integration. Experienced in Firewalls, IPsec, Kerberos, Intrusion Detection, Secure web servers. Big systems with heavy load. Instruction and Training. Have also used and administered AIX, SunOS/Solaris, IRIX, *BSD, BSDI, HP/UX, Linux, WinNT/95/98/2000, and others which no longer exist.
Duncan Patton a Campbell
10908 65a st.
Edmonton, Alberta T6A 2P7
Phone: 780 982 8763
FAX: 780 469 0930
Email: campbell@neotext.ca
URL: http://neotext.ca
Open Systems Integration and Reverse-Engineering, Legacy Sytems, RealTime AI, Air Traffic Control, Remote Sensing, TestBed/Laboratory Development, Remote/Onsite Support, Wireless, RFID, Tracking/Mapping Systems, Barcoding, Inventory/supply-line, SAP integration, C3I, Web Catalogs, Competitive Intelligence Search Engines, Risk Assessment&Reduction, Motorola, Intermec, Symbol devices. UNIX -- OpenBSD, FreeBSD, HPUX, Solaris/SunOS in Industrial Environments. And PCs: 25 years experience, competence and integrity. Contact point -- https://neotext.ca/cgi-bin/getxt
Kevin Roosdahl
Prestige Computer Services Inc.
1815 Bowes Street
Kelowna, British Columbia V1Y 9K1
Phone: 250-869-7353
Email: kevin@prestigecomputers.ca
URL: http://www.prestigecomputers.ca/
Over 15 years experience with several flavours of Unix (and Windows). Installation and support services for OpenBSD and Linux based servers and firewalls on PC and Soekris platforms. Serving the Okanagan but willing to travel.
Peter William Lount
Active Information Corporation
1917 West 4th Avenue, #14
Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 1M7
Phone: 604-736-2461
FAX: 604-736-2266
Email: OpenBSD@ActiveInfo.CA
URL: http://www.ActiveInfo.CA/OpenBSD/
Twenty two years of UNIX system administration experience. OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Linux installation, configuration, maintenance. We provide consulting, training, security auditing and analysis. We install ready to go monitored firewalls for home and businesses. We support businesses with all aspects of their online activity including servers, e-commerce, security and web. Will work anywhere in Canada, USA, Costa Rica, Singapore, Australia or just about anyplace and anytime.
Ryan McBride
Countersiege Systems Corporation
PO Box SP1 - 989 Nelson Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 2S1
Phone: (604) 726-4225
FAX: (604) 726-4201
Email: mcbride@countersiege.com
URL: http://www.countersiege.com/
"Defense in depth" oriented consulting and professional services. OpenBSD Installation and configuration with a training focus: we help you do it and teach you how it works, so next time you can do it yourself.
Serge Chevarie-Pelletier
Surety Partners
527 Beaverbrook Court, Suite 191
Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 1X6
Phone: +1.506.447.8863
Email: OpenBSD@SuretyPartners.ca
URL: http://www.SuretyPartners.ca/
The principals of Surety Partners have more than 20 years experience providing security, software process improvement, architectural and design services to business and organizations globally.
Ben Bednarz
45 Artisans Crescent
London, Ontario N5V 5E9
Phone: 800-265-1844
FAX: 519-455-9425
Email: bbednarz@startech.com
URL: http://www.startech.com/
Startech.com is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of hard-to-find computer parts with 18 years of experience. Large selection of UNIX compatible hardware; online catalog.
Steve Platek
UniTECH Communications London
383 Richmond Street Suite 403
London, Ontario N6A 3C4
Phone: (519)521-7901
FAX: (519)660-6770
Email: splatek@unitechlon.ca
URL: http://www.unitechlon.ca/
We supply and configure OpenBSD based firewalls and managed Internet servers.We have been involved in the UNIX industry for 15 Years. Sun Solaris, AIX and Linux support also available. We have adapted the OpenBSD kernel for specific use for Automotive, Manufacturing and Internet Service Providers. The only way to RUN the Internet is OpenBSD!
Ian F. Darwin
R R # 1
Palgrave, Ontario L0N 1P0
Phone: +1 905-729-3002
URL: http://www.darwinsys.com/contact.jsp
OpenBSD installation, configuration, firewall setup. Software development in C and/or Java. Mac OS X Consulting. Author of Checking C Programs with Lint and The Java Cookbook, co-author of Tomcat: The Definitive Guide, all from O'Reilly. Wrote a UNIX course and two Java courses for Learning Tree International. Speaker at conferences including O'Reilly Open Source Conference.
Russell P. Sutherland
Quist Consulting
219 Donlea Drive
Toronto, Ontario M4G 2N1
Phone: 416 696-7600
FAX: 416 978-6620
Email: russ@quist.ca
URL: http://www.quist.ca/
OpenBSD Installation and Configuration. Qmail, Ezmlm, Apache, DNS expertise for small and large sites. Networking (LAN and WAN) and security advice.
James P. Sosontovich
128 Prince Rupert
Pointe Claire, Québec H9R 1M2
Phone: 514-815-5871
FAX: 514-227-5345
Email: rightscript@gmail.com
URL: http://rightscript.no-ip.org
Install, secure, and maintain *BSD based production environments. Specialist in database development on OpenBSD and other UNIX platforms.
Peter Matulis
Papamike IT Services
5836, rue de Saint-Vallier
Montreal, Québec H2S 2P3
Phone: (514) 433-6060
Email: info@papamike.ca
URL: http://www.papamike.ca/
We specialize in firewalls, mail servers, and anti-spam/virus gateways.
Han Hwei Woo
Astute Hosting Incorporated
555 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 4N5
Phone: 604-417-2092
FAX: 604-735-0518
Email: sales@astutehosting.com
URL: http://www.astutehosting.com/
Semi-managed Dedicated Hosting, Co-location, and Consulting Services with an emphasis on high availability, security, and flexibility. Advanced DDoS mitigation using distributed BGP anycasted infrastructure. We specialize in customized solutions, and offer OpenBSD as an option on all of our dedicated servers. We also run our routers and firewalls on OpenBSD / PF.
Julio Cesar Pinto
CL 100 # 8A-35 TC PISO 10
Bogota, DC 57111
Phone: (571) 3256008
FAX: (571) 3256025
Email: Dirección de correo electrónico (jc@ifx.com.co)
URL: http://www.ifx.com.co/
Especialistas en seguridad (cortafuegos, VPNs, auditoras de seguridad, sistemas de detección de intrusos, etc... ). También ofrecemos instalación y configuración de sistemas, integración de sistemas, afinamiento del rendimiento, recuperación de datos, arquitectura de redes y programación. OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Linux y muchos sistemas comerciales.
David Eduardo Acosta
Internet Solutions Ltda.
Bogotá D.C., Cundinamarca 90052
Phone: +571 3120910 F +571 3120577
Email: david.acosta@internet-solutions.com.co
URL: http://www.internet-solutions.com.co/
Internet Solutions ofrece servicios de alto nivel basados en soluciones de software que cumplen los estándares de licenciamiento Open Source (Linux, *BSD, poniendo especial énfasis en OpenBSD por su seguridad integrada), consultorías en seguridad informática y soluciones comerciales líderes en el mercado, así como la integración de estos sistemas en las arquitecturas computacionales de nuestros clientes. Nuestro portafolio se enfoca principalmente a conjugar servicios profesionales de calidad con herramientas tecnológicas de primer nivel basadas en sistemas UNIX.
Costa Rica
Luis Cerdas
Rawten Latinoamerica, S.A.
P.O. Box 4224
San Jose, San Jose 1000
Phone: +506 2240432
FAX: +506 2359864
Email: info@rawten.net
URL: http://www.rawten.net/
Consulting and professional services work supporting Sun Microsystems and OpenBSD systems, carrier-scale messaging systems and global security infrastructure audits and implementation throughout Latin America.
Denes Kelenyi
RTR Webworks CR S.A.
Centro Comercial Plaza Heredia
Heredia, Heredia 3000
Phone: 506-835-2716
FAX: 506-835-2716
Email: info@rtrwebworks.com
URL: http://www.rtrwebworks.com/
Installations, maintenance and configuration of networks and UNIX-like servers e.g. (Free)BSD and Linux. Database and website development for these platforms (Apache, Mysql). Willing to help charity / educational organisations or groups with hosting or other help. Can outsource *nix programming projects to/for other countries as well.
Czech Republic
Ond얙ej Suchý
LOGIOS system solutions
Å aldova 7
Ústí nad Labem 400 01
Phone: +420 777 103 944
FAX: +420 475 201 967
Email: info@logios.cz
URL: http://www.logios.cz/
Consulting and support services for OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Linux systems. Server installation and maintenance. Security analysis, incident handling, contingency plans, intrusion detection and firewalls.
Simon Vostrý
ZOOM International
Prague 110 00
Phone: (+420 2)21 667 557
FAX: (+420 2)21 667 553
Email: openbsd@zoom-int.cz
URL: http://www.zoom-int.cz/
OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD and Linux installation, maintenance, support services. Setup, configuration and firewall maintenance of OpenBSD based servers; system and network administration. Security design and application development under *BSD and Linux. Firewalls, IDS and bastion hosts building, server performance tuning.
Martin Hein
Zen Systems
Esromgade 15, opg 1, 2. sal
København N DK-2200
Phone: +45 33 917 913
Email: info@zensystems.dk
URL: http://zensystems.dk/
Zen Systems has installed and maintained OpenBSD and Linux platforms since the beginning of the millenium.
Henrik Kramshoej
Avnboel Alle 7
Copenhagen, Kastrup DK-2770
Phone: +45 2026 6000
FAX: +45 2026 6000
Email: hlk@security6.net
URL: http://www.security6.net/
Security6.net provides IT-security training including OpenBSD firewalls, Computer Forensics, Intrusion Detection, UNIX Security and Apache HTTP server. Penetration testing and hacker courses using OpenBSD as scanserver.
Petri Niemela
Aurorankatu 15B
Helsinki 00100
Phone: +358 40 7000110
FAX: +358 9 5487557
Email: sales@epte.fi
URL: http://epte.fi/
EPTE Oy has more than five years of expertise on systems built on OpenBSD and Linux. Beside using OpenBSD on our internal systems, we build and maintain OpenBSD based servers and firewalls for our customers.
Jean-Jacques Bernard-Gundol
Hervé Schauer Consultants (HSC)
4bis, rue de la gare
Levallois-Perret F-92300
Phone: +33 141 409 700
FAX: +33 141 409 709
Email: Jean-Jacques.Bernard@hsc.fr
URL: http://www.hsc.fr/
Consultancy firm since 1989 with emphasis on Unix Security, TCP/IP and Internet security. BSD experience since 386BSD. OpenBSD installation, support and consulting. Also Apache, DNS (Bind), Sendmail, Postfix...
Benoit Lecocq
1 Boulevard de l'Oise
Cergy Pontoise Cedex, IDF 95030 95030
Phone: +33 1 30 32 66 06
FAX: +33 1 30 32 66 06
Email: lecocq@arcane-networks.fr
URL: http://www.arcane-networks.fr/
Consultancy and Web Hosting firm providing many services : installation, maintenance and configuration of Firewall, VPN, IDS, Web Server under OpenBSD and Linux.
Saâd Kadhi
66, Avenue des Champs Elysées
Paris, IDF 75008
Phone: +33 1 44 35 70 70
FAX: +33 1 44 35 70 71
Email: saad.kadhi@hapsis.fr
URL: http://www.hapsis.fr/
Consultancy and training firm focusing on Information Security and Open Source. Our service offerings include OpenBSD training, deployment, and expertise. Whenever possible, we recommend OpenBSD for deploying secure servers and gateways. Zone of operation includes France and other countries as well.
Pierre-Olivier Fur
15/17 Avenue de SEGUR
Paris, IDF 75007
Phone: +33 1 44 42 00 00
FAX: +33 1 44 42 00 01
Email: contact@IDEALX.com
URL: http://www.IDEALX.com/
IDEALX, as an OpenSource engineering company, support *BSD and Linux platforms, and particularly OpenBSD for security-needed solutions.
Yannick Cadin
3, rue Jacques Daguerre
Montigny-lès-Cormeilles, IdF 95370
Phone: +33 (0)6 60 60 10 48
FAX: +33 (0)6 61 60 10 48
Email: info@diablotin.com
URL: http://www.diablotin.com/
Formations systeme, services et applications sur les *BSD libres (OpenBSD, NetBSD et FreeBSD), Linux (certification Red Hat RHCE/RHCX) et Mac OS X. Prestation directe, partenariat, sous-traitance, intra et inter, partout dans le monde. Formations "Utile and Agreable": vacances studieuses avec alternance de cours de haut niveau et de loisirs en fonction de la saison et la region d'accueil. Traduction, relecture et redaction en francais, anglais, allemand et espagnol.
Maxime Kurkdjian
13 rue Greneta
Paris, Ile de france 75003 Paris
Phone: +33 1 44 78 63 68
FAX: +33 1 44 78 63 65
Email: contact@oxalide.com
URL: http://www.oxalide.com
Oxalide is a consultancy firm and solution provider. Our fields of expertise include UNIX software system deployment such as secure mail systems (SMTP, POP, IMAP), advanced Web server configurations, high-availability firewalling, etc. Our knowledge of OpenBSD, *BSD, Commercial Unix and Linux is thorough.
58 rue Paul Langevin
Marseille, Bouches du Rhône 13013 Marseille
Phone: +33 4 91 05 92 54
FAX: +33 4 91 05 92 54
Email: info@evolix.fr
URL: http://www.evolix.fr/
Evolix is providing Unix infrastructures, consulting services, development, support and training for OpenBSD and Linux. We are using OpenBSD for our infrastructure, and for firewalls, mail/web/DNS servers, IPsec gateways and Intrusion Detection Systems.
Anne-Gaelle Lunot
49, place de la Ripublique
Le Mans, Pays de la Loire 72000
Phone: +33 2 43 46 94 24
FAX: +33 1 79 75 02 58
Email: info@zelites.org
URL: http://www.zelites.org
Many services are provided by Zilites: support, installation, maintenance, administration of servers like firewall, VPN, IDS, web server, mail server, DNS or whatever you need. Our services offerings include a high-level of security using OpenBSD and other Unix systems
Herr Boernert
TBits.net GmbH
Seeweg 6
Alfdorf, Baden-Wuerttemberg 73553
Phone: +49(0)7172-18391-0
FAX: +49(0)7172-18391-99
Email: info@tbits.net
URL: http://www.tbits.net/
OpenBSD Installation, Konfiguration, Support. Firewall-Systeme mit OpenBSD
Christoph Haas
Adimus GmbH & Co. KG
Harpener Hellweg 41
Bochum, NRW 44805
Phone: +49-(0)234-971971-0
FAX: +49-(0)234-971971-9
Email: info@adimus.de
URL: http://www.adimus.de/
Setup, configuration and maintenance of various firewalls configuration and sale of OpenBSD based servers and workstations; system and network administration
Alexander Khine
Alexander Khine EDV-Service
Darmstr. 7
Darmstadt, Hessen 64287
Phone: (+49) 6151-429 515
FAX: (+49) 6151-429 514
Email: service@khine.de
URL: http://www.khine.de/
System and network administration, security services, programming and support for various flavours of Windows and UN*X-like systems, including Linux, NetBSD and OpenBSD. Development of custom networking and security solutions and all-in-one-services.
Martin Wundram
TronicGuard GmbH
Martinusstr. 18
Dormagen, NRW 41541
Phone: +49 2133 502594 0
FAX: +49 2133 502594 5
Email: info@tronicguard.com
URL: http://www.tronicguard.com/
We use OpenBSD since the late 90s and offer support and many services around and based on OpenBSD. These are especially security appliances, file-/database-servers, all-in-one office-solutions and mini-servers based on VIA epia.
Ingo Wichmann
Antonienallee 1
Essen, NRW 45279
Phone: 0049-201-8536-600
FAX: 0049-201-8536-605
Email: rezeption@villa-vogelsang.de
URL: http://www.linuxhotel.de/
OpenBSD Kurs von erfahrenen OpenBSD-Entwicklern und -administratoren.
Philipp Bühler
sysfive.com GmbH
Rödingsmarkt 14
Hamburg, HH 20459
Phone: +49 (0) 40 63647481
FAX: +49 (0) 40 63647482
Email: info@sysfive.com
URL: http://sysfive.com/
Consulting, Konfigurations- und Kapazitätsplanung, Implementation, Integration, Fehler- und Sicherheitsanalysen von UNIX-Servern. Einsatz von OpenBSD als Basis für Sicherheits-Infrastruktur Komponenten (NIDS, Firewalls, VPN, Proxies).
Tegtmeier Internet Solutions
Reinckeweg 11
Hamburg D-22399
Phone: +49 40 60671199
FAX: +49 1212 512384131
URL: http://www.tegtmeier.de/
Beratung, Planung und Entwicklung von Internet-Projekten in C, Perl, SQL, PHP, HTML, etc. Installation, Konfiguration, Sicherheits-Hartung und Wartung von Servern und Firewalls. Spezialisiert auf Server- und Applikations-Sicherheit, redundante Systeme und Geschwindigkeits-Optimierung.
Sebastian Schmitzdorff
Kottwitzstrasse 49
Hamburg, Hamburg 20253
Phone: +49 40 736 72 322
FAX: +49 40 736 72 321
Email: info@hamburgnet.de
URL: http://www.hamburgnet.de/
OpenBSD based Firewall and Server Solutions and Consulting. We offer many years of experience with Solaris, OpenBSD, Linux and other Unix-like Systems. Storage, Server, Cluster, Unix & Consulting.
Reyk Floeter
.vantronix | secure systems GmbH
Hannover, Lower Saxony
Phone: +49 511 69 6044823
Email: openbsd-support@vantronix.com
URL: http://www.vantronix.com/
Products based on OpenBSD, consulting, support, development and training in all fields of information security.
Stefan Wieseckel
Nordring 98a
Nuernberg, Bayern 90409
Phone: +49-(0)-911-5182757
Email: info@swapspace.de
URL: http://www.swapspace.de/
System and network administration; setup, configuration and maintenance of Linux- and OpenBSD-based systems (firewalls, mailservers, webservers, DNS-servers, ...).
Igor Chemnitz
Triona - Information und Technologie GmbH
Rheinstrasse 4e
Mainz, RLP 55116
Phone: +49-6131-2019-422
FAX: +49-6131-2019-200
Email: bsd@triona.de
URL: http://www.triona.de/
IT consulting, installation and administration of UNIX (BSD, Linux), web-, application- and database-servers
Symetric GmbH
Besselstr. 9
Mannheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg 68219
Phone: +49-621-8425630
FAX: +49-621-8425650
Email: office@symetric.de
URL: http://www.symetric.de/
OpenBSD Installation, Konfiguration und Wartung.Projekte: Mail-, Proxy-, Web- und File Server sowie Intrusion Detection und Firewallsysteme.
Dr. Klaus Schmoltzi
Warp9 GmbH
Scheibenstr. 109
Muenster, NRW 48153
Phone: +49 251 973190
FAX: +49 251 9731929
Email: ks@warp9.de
URL: http://www.warp9.de/
We offer our customer IT services within the ranges consulting, support and training with a strong focus on security. Since 2001, we deployed many OpenBSD Systems, mainly as firewalls and vpn gateways.
Stephan Holtwisch
immutec GmbH
Mendelstr. 11
Muenster, Nordrhein-Westfalen 48149
Phone: +49 (0) 251 / 980-1230
FAX: +49 (0) 251 / 980-1231
Email: info@immutec.com
URL: http://www.immutec.com/
OpenBSD based Security Services & Setups (Firewall, VPN, IDS, Secure Fileservers, Application Proxies...), PenTests, Code & Security Auditing, *BSD based embedded Firewall, average staff member has +5 years UNIX & Coding experience
Hermann Gottschalk
OSTC Open Source Training and Consulting GmbH
Delsenbachweg 32
Nürnberg, Bavaria 90425
Phone: +49 (0) 911 - 34 74 54 4
FAX: +49 (0) 911 - 18 06 27 7
Email: hg@ostc.de
URL: http://www.ostc.de
Planung, Installation und Betreuung von OpenBSD-Servern in Embedded-, Workstation- und Servergröße. Internet- und Firmenlösungen, Migration und Schulungen.
Beratung beim Erstellen von heterogenen Lösungen ebenso möglich wie Sicherheitsaudits und Anpassungen durch eigens erstellte Individualsoftware.
Große Erfahrung mit anderen UNIX-Systemen (Linux, *BSD, Solaris) vorhanden.
Matthias Süß
msuess unternehmensberatung
Brunnleite 2 / Postfach 1502
Schwandorf, Bavaria 92421
Phone: +49(9431)39 99 - 85
Email: openbsd@msuess.de
URL: http://www.msuess.de/
We are providing support for ZOPE / Plone on OpenBSD and developing individual solutions (in Python, Tcl/Tk and ADA)
We are the main sponsor of the german *iX-Wiki
Security Consulting
Admins WebSecurity
Rodenstocksiedlung 4
Regen, Bayern 94209
Phone: +49-9921-960888
Email: germany@admins.ws
URL: http://www.admins.ws/
Admin WebSecurity offers OpenBSD based HIGH-END Security solutions. We support *BSD and Linux installation, configuration, maintennance, administration. Our staff is specialized in Security Audits, VPN, IDS, IRS and Firewall Design. We offer services in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
Oliver Schweissgut
Lörstr. 15
Siegen, NRW 57072
Phone: 0049 271 485336 0
FAX: 0049 271 485336 1
Email: info@os-network.de
URL: http://www.os-cillation.de/
Software development (C/C++/Java/HTML/PHP/Perl/SQL). Installation and support of OpenBSD based mail, web, firewall, database, news, dns, ftp, and samba servers. OpenBSD and Windows desktop integration. Also experienced with NetBSD, Solaris and Linux.
Toni Müller
Öko.neT Müller & Brandt
Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 4
Wiehl, NW 51674
Phone: +49 2261 979364
FAX: +49 2261 979366
Email: support@oeko.net
URL: http://www.oeko.net/
Beratung, Konzeption, Installation und Konfiguration, Betrieb sowie Softwareentwicklung für OpenBSD und Debian Linux, für VPN, Firewall, NIDS, Mail-, Web-, DNS- und Proxy-Server, Datenbanken, ERP-Anbindungen, Shop-Systeme
René Maroufi
Jungchenbüchel 54
Monschau, NRW 52156
Phone: +49 2472 9126905
FAX: +49 2472 2587
Email: info@maruweb.de
URL: http://www.maruweb.de/
Administration und Beratung zu OpenBSD und Linux. Firewalls, Mail-, Web-, DNS- und Sambaserver. Schulungen zu OpenBSD und Linux, sowie für verschiedene Netzwerkdienste (Apache, Samba, Postfix, etc.)
Felix Kronlage
Marie-Curie-Str. 1
Oldenburg, NDS 26129
Phone: +49 441 36116410
FAX: +49 441 36116419
Email: info@bytemine.net
URL: http://www.bytemine.net/
Consultancy, support, deployment and allround OpenBSD services with focus on, but not limited to, firewall and network security, VPN Solutions, hosting and housing as well as software development in the unix environment.
Simon Bertrang
PuzzWorks OHG
Bornmühle 8
Flieden, Hessen 36103
Phone: +49 700 78777777
FAX: +49 700 78777777
Email: info@puzzworks.com
URL: http://puzzworks.com/
PuzzWorks is specialized on planning, development and implementation of web-based management systems in all areas. Very important aspects of our work include security, usability and seamless workflows. We provide the opportunity to realize projects together with the required infrastructure and technologies and offer support for firewalls, mail-, dns-, web-, file- and database-servers, network connectivity, installation, configuration and maintenance.
Manolis Tzanidakis
4, 62 Martiron - Ammoudara
Heraklion, Crete 71414
Phone: +302810257418, +306947345635
FAX: +302810322692
Email: manolis@tzanidakis.gr
URL: http://www.tzanidakis.gr/~manolis/
IT Consulting and technical support. Specialize in OpenBSD and Linux systems.
Stefanos Spanoudakis
31, Ag. Polykarpou str. Kaisariani
Athens, Attica 161 21
Phone: +30 210 7296 486
FAX: +30 210 7296 486
Email: info@thinkbinary.gr
URL: http://www.thinkbinary.gr/
IT services and technical consulting. Unix/Linux specialization. Implementing security solutions based on OpenBSD.
Hozefa / Joel
4, Rangari Bldg., 2nd Bhandari X lane, Duncan Road
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004
Phone: 91-022-98201 54122 / 91-022-98205 33294
Email: joel@hotmail.com
We are computer assemblers and maintenance company. We have expertise in Win / Linux installation. We wish to encourage usage of OpenBSD (or any BSD variant) in India.
Girish Venkatachalam
Gayatri Hitech
85/1, Old 46/1, Kamaraj avenue II street, Adyar
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020
Phone: +91-9444874881
Email: girish@gayatri-hitech.com
URL: http://www.chennaiserversupport.com
Rich OpenBSD dev experience. Focus on e-mail servers, load balancing, 100% uptime guarantee, protocols, TCP/IP, web server hosting, FTP, file sharing, chat servers and so on.
ITWise Ltd
Kilmullen, Portarlington, Co.Kildare
Dublin, ROI
Phone: +353 (0)87 224 3379
FAX: +353 (0)87 224 3379
Email: enquiries@itwise.net
URL: http://www.itwise.net/
ITWise is a leading provider of IT consultancy in Ireland. Company is comprised of consultants from various backgrounds, who provide expertise across our solutions range. We posess vast experience in most of Unix including OpenBSD, FreeBSD, AIX, HPUX, Solaris and Linux. We provide commercial support for lots of open source software packages including business applications, firewalls, network monitoring, virus and spam control, intrusion detection and many more.
Catalin Tomozei - Network & System Engineer
CatSoft Network Technology LTD
Phone: +353-0862207457
Email: catalin.tomozei@gmail.com
Linux, *BSD and Solaris server consulting, *auditing*, support and management.
Michael Z.
Post Box 3026
Tel Aviv, Gush Dan 61030
Phone: +972 52 7338303
FAX: +972 3 5068750
Email: admin@blitzpost.org
URL: http://www.blitzpost.org/
Over 5 years experience with OpenBSD, Linux and Windows Servers. OpenBSD administration, installation, consultation services.
Stefano Venturoli
Infosec S.r.l.
Bologna, Bologna 40133
Phone: +39 051 386460
FAX: +39 051 385140
Email: venturoli@infosec.it
URL: http://www.infosec.it/
Internet security and data defense realized mainly with open source software. Particular knowledge of firewalls, internet applications, IDS and network administration from LAN to WAN. Also we have developed a range of products based on OpenBSD with the purpose to be "administrators tools", for better internet network administration.
Andrea Gedda
AG - IT Consulting
CP 5012
Genova, GE 16154
Phone: +39 3479409611
FAX: +49 1212520385194
Email: contact@studioinf.com
URL: http://www.studioinf.com/
IT Consulting, Linux/BSD Server, Development, Training, E-business and System Engineering are our services and products. We install the well-designed and secure operating system OpenBSD on servers, in order to guarantee a high security environment.
Matteo Cantoni
Sinapto srl
Via Sansovino 4
Milan 20133
Phone: +39 02 20241141
FAX: +39 02 700444445
Email: matteo.cantoni@sinapto.net
URL: http://www.sinapto.com
Linux and *BSD installation, maintenance and support services. Setup, configuration and maintenance firewalls on OpenBSD based servers; system and network administration.
Fabrizio Frosali
Impulso Srl
Viale Milanofiori, Palazzo F1
Milano, MI 20100
Phone: +39.028244031
FAX: +39.028255925
Email: info@impulso.it
URL: http://www.impulso.it/
OpenBSD is our choice for all our firewall installations. Our experience ranges from setting up a simple SOHO firewall pf based to a complete ISP class redundant firewall with bandwidth control and load balancing. Offriamo consulenza ed assistenza nella realizzazione di soluzioni basate su OpenBSD e Linux.
Marcello Scacchetti
Arcanet Consulting
Viale Gramsci 349
Mirandola, Modena 41037
Phone: +39 535 611520
FAX: +39 535 611521
Email: marcello.scacchetti@arcanetconsulting.com
URL: http://www.arcanetconsulting.com/
Giovanni Federico
Via Pallonetto Santa Chiara 15
Napoli, Napoli 80134
Phone: +39 3289555569
FAX: +39 0810608042
Email: info@giovannifederico.net
URL: http://www.giovannifederico.net
IT Security Consultancy Services, GNU/Linux-OpenBSD installation, maintenance, support and consulting, Unix software development, System and Network administration.
Rodolfo G. Rosini
E*MAZE Communications S.p.a.
Via Flavia 23/1
Trieste, TS 34100
Phone: 39-040-8321332
FAX: 39-040-8321340
Email: info@emaze.net
URL: http://www.emaze.net/
E*MAZE develops network security products, support and services for vulnerability assessment and IDSes on OpenBSD systems for Global 2000 companies
Fabio Cazzin
Open Company
Via Firenze, 11
Santa Maria di Sala, VE 30036
Phone: +39 041 5761070
FAX: +39 041 8109910
Email: info@opencompany.it
URL: http://www.opencompany.it/
IT Consulting, Linux/OpenBSD Server, Firewalls (PF / Carp), VPN, Embeded systems, Training, Security, System and Network administration.
Alessio Pennasilico / mayhem
Alba s.r.l.
Via Stra' 164/3a
Colognola ai Colli, Verona 37030
Phone: +39 3489044903 / sip:222@voip.alba.st
FAX: +39 0456172490
Email: a.pennasilico@alba.st
URL: http://www.alba.st/
We support OpenBSD and Linux installations that act as secure antispam mail gateway, web server, firewalls and fulfill any customer requirements. We develop unix software on-demand, usually releasing source code under the GPL license.
Patrik Bergamasco
Via Morpurgo 4
Udine, UD 33100
Email: patrik.bergamasco@ud.camcom.it
Netadmin from 7+ years on schools and government networks, 4 years experience with OpenBSD. Support: web/ftp/mail servers, firewalls and authentication mechanism, IDS, VOIP server, VPN, proxy server, file servers and data defense on OpenBSD environment.
Mark Toraki Uemura
OpenBSD Support Japan Inc.
Meguro Honchou 6-6-2
Tokyo, Meguro-Ku 152-0002
Phone: +81-(0)3-3715-3032
FAX: +81-(0)3-3715-7275
Email: support@openbsd-support.com
URL: http://www.openbsd-support.com/
We specialise in OpenBSD systems support and services in Japan. Our focus is on security, reliability, cost savings and interoperability.
nihonsoft LLC
4353-5 izumi-cyo izumi-ku
Yokohama, Kanagawa 2450016
Phone: +81 45 804 5242
FAX: +81 45 804 524243
Email: info@nihonsoft.jp
URL: http://www.nihonsoft.com/
We provide consulting in English and Japanese to help your business get started in Japan. We especially like to help FOSS companies set up branches in Japan, and promote the use of FOSS Systems such as Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD throughout industries and schools in Japan.
CHC Ltd.
Lencu str. 44A-13
Cesis LV-4101
Phone: +371 9223245
Email: chc@chc.lv
URL: http://www.chc.lv/
Unix like systems support and maintenance. Solutions based on *BSD.
Artis Schlossberg
Riga LV-1014
Phone: +371 28 60 81 30
Email: artis@proit.lv
URL: http://proit.lv/~artis/support/
To Serve and Protect: securing your online presence, e-commerce or otherwise.
Chisinau 2012
Phone: 373 2 9549019
Email: evgeniy@riscom.net
Setup, support, hosting and administration. Internet solution using OpenBSD: Firewalls, Mail, WWW.
Juan Pablo Feria
Onyx Consultorias
Luis donaldo Colosio esquna con calle Yañez
Hermosillo, Sonora 83000
Phone: (62) 576097
Email: jferiago@netscape.net
URL: http://www.pitic.com.mx/onyx
We have 10 Years in Unix Consulting (*BSD, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX among others), including experience in OpenBSD on Firewalls and Bastion Hosts. We can develop any solution to our customers.
Haarlebrink 5
Enschede, Overijssel 7544 WP
Phone: +31 53 4782239
FAX: +31 842 244827
Email: info@openfortress.nl
URL: http://openfortress.nl/
OpenFortress is a technology provider for cryptograpic solutions, notably applications of digital signatures. We can set up securely signing systems at your location, preferably based on OpenBSD.
Otto Moerbeek
Franz Leharlaan 112
Heemstede 2102 GV
Phone: +31-650-682261
Email: otto@drijf.net
URL: http://www.drijf.net/
OpenBSD developer with nearly 20 years of Unix experience. You can hire me to do contract programming, code auditing, troubleshooting or general consulting work.
Arno Kruse
Kruse ICT
Kerkveldstraat 1a
Baarlo, Limburg 5991BA
Phone: +31 43 4090604
FAX: +31 43 4090605
Email: kruse@kruse-ict.nl
URL: http://www.kruse-ict.nl/
We build OpenBSD-based (web)servers, routers and firewalls. We also provide support and education on UNIX, general security and Win32. Our security solutions (Intrusion Detection, Virtual Private Networking, and encrypted data transport/storage) are all based on OpenBSD. OpenBSD runs on all our servers, workstations and notebooks. We work in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
Richard Zoontjens / Deni Strik
Radécom B.V.
Werkmansbeemd 10
Oosterhout, NB 4907 EW
Phone: +31 162 467770
FAX: +31 162 466864
Email: info@radecom.nl
URL: http://www.radecom.nl/
We have expertise in the areas of *BSD based servers. We use FreeBSD for file, web and database services. OpenBSD is used for custom enterprise-grade firewalls.
Camiel Dobbelaar
Sentia Internet Security B.V.
Hullenbergweg 385
Amsterdam, NH 1101CS
Phone: +31-20-7505 733
FAX: +31-20-698 1036
Email: info@sentia.nl
URL: http://www.sentia.nl/
OpenBSD support contracts. Custom-built OpenBSD internet appliances (dns, firewall, ids, mail, vpn, web, etc). Security consultancy. Specialized in hosting environments.
Hendrik-Jan Verheij
Ruysdaelstraat 31
Deventer, Overijssel 7421 RE
Phone: +31 570 665140
FAX: +31 570 665141
Email: info@bwss.nl
URL: http://www.bwss.nl/
We use OpenBSD in our product BWSS Connect, a complete office solution for internet connectivity, file sharing, email, fax and printing. We also build OpenBSD-based systems to customer specification.
Delft, ZH 2611BC
Phone: +31-15-2847999
FAX: +31-15-2847990
Email: fox@fox-it.com
URL: http://www.fox-it.com/
Fox-IT dedicates its products and services to a more secure society. We are specialists in security and intelligence solutions for government bodies and other major organizations throughout the world. Our core business is developing solutions for the protection of state secrets, the investigation of digital crime, audits, managed security services, consulting and training courses.
Arthur Donkers
Burg. F. v. Ankenweg 5
Middelstum, Groningen 9991AM
Phone: +31 595 557057
FAX: +31 595 557046
Email: info@adib.nl
URL: http://www.adib.nl/
Support contracts, custom built openbsd solutions, support and implementation for ISP environments (PF, failover setups, transparant bridging), virtual server hosting, e-mail and web services, also for Linux
New Zealand
Steve Jenkins
FFF Managed Technology Ltd.
60 Cook St
Auckland, Auckland AKL
Phone: +64 9 356 2911
FAX: +64 9 358 9070
Email: enquiries@fff.co.nz
URL: http://www.fff.co.nz/
FFF Managed Technology provides services-based technology solutions for heterogeneous environments. We are strong proponents of Open Source software and currently support several large Linux and OpenBSD installations in New Zealand.
Michael A. Williams
NetXSecure NZ Limited
122 Whitecliffs Road
Christchurch, Canterbury 8171
Phone: +64.3.318.2973
FAX: +64.3.318.2975
Email: mike@netxsecure.net
URL: http://www.netxsecure.net/
Netx specialize in Berkeley Unix providing design and implementation support for OpenBSD and FreeBSD. We prefer to use OpenBSD for perimeter firewalls and FreeBSD for DMZ based servers and inner firewall. With over 20 years in the computing industry and still studying the BSD operating system we are actively involved with security and OpenBSD.
Eirik Seim
St 13
Bergen N-5305
Phone: +4799521600
Email: es@bitsec.no
URL: http://www.bitsec.no/
Security consulting and solutions, mostly using OpenBSD and other UNIXes.  Specializes in network security, forensics and security testing, but also involves in some auditing, development and security research.
Peter N. M. Hansteen
Sandviksveien 32
Bergen, Hordaland NO-5003
Phone: +47 9807 1263
Email: bsdly@bsdly.net
URL: http://www.bsdly.net/
Network planning, configuration, training and maintenance services using OpenBSD, FreeBSD or GNU/Linux.
Daniel Mikkelsen
Copyleft Software AS
Pobox 9271 Grønland
Oslo N-0134
Phone: +4799279251
Email: info@copyleft.no
URL: http://www.copyleft.no/
We do development of free software and support/maintenance of free software-based platforms, including OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Linux.
FreeCode AS
Gaustadalleen 21
Oslo, Oslo N-0349
Phone: +47-21536900
FAX: +47-21536909
Email: mail@freecode.no
URL: http://www.freecode.no/
Giving the control back to the user with Free Software and Service Management processes. Strong security focus based on OpenBSD.
All staff members
Økernveien 121b
Oslo, Oslo N-0597
Phone: +47 92439800
Email: info@systemnet.no
URL: http://www.systemnet.no/
SystemNet is a consulting company providing services related to data and telecoms. We are specialists in IP based communications, security and continuous service provision. OpenBSD is one of our primary tools, and one which we provide support for.
Breno Colom
Aureal Systems
Av. Angamos Oeste 355 Oficina 1302 - Miraflores
Lima, Lima 51
Phone: +51-1-243-0131
FAX: +51-1-243-0131
Email: info@aureal.com.pe
URL: http://www.aureal.com.pe/
Aureal Systems se especializa en soluciones de Seguridad Informática, consultoría en sistemas operativos basados en UNIX y desarrollo. Tenemos experiencia en sistemas basados en 4.4BSD UNIX como OpenBSD funcionando como firewalls, IDS, concentradores VPN y sistemas de servicio multipróposito.
Eder M. Gutierrez Alarcon
HTU Networks
Av. Del Parque Sur 565 - San Borja
Lima, Lima Lima 41
Phone: +51-1-7193264
Email: egutierrez@htu.pe
URL: http://www.htu.pe/
Implementamos y ofrecemos soporte para sistemas OpenBSD utilizados como firewalls, IDS, Proxys, VPN, servidores de archivos, Wireless Auth Servers, servidores de correo, servidores web y para otros propósitos; además ofrecemos consultoría y asesoría en seguridad de la información, redes y desarrollo. Trabajamos con otros sistemas de tipo BSD y GNU/Linux. Contamos con más de 5 años de experiencia.
Rodel "Sparc" Collado Urani
Systems Security Practitioner
2702 Park Avenue corner F. Sanchez Street
Pasay City, Metro Manila 1302
Phone: +63.917.534.1128
Email: sparc@uraniid.net
URL: http://www.UraniID.net/
Deploys public key infrastructure, single sign-on and systems security primarily on OpenBSD, other UNIX-like systems and Windows. Administer and test security of computing systems. Setup and support of corporate firewall, virtual private network including Internet, data and voice services.
Turowska 1
Zgorzelec, Dolnyslask 59-900
Phone: +48 75 77 57 767
Email: bok@sieciuch.com
URL: http://www.sieciuch.com/
Building certified Krone networks with Cisco and OpenBSD systems.
ONS Opensource Network Solutions sp. z o.o.
Zloty Rog 53
Krakow 30-095
Phone: +48 889 504 844
Email: info@openetworks.pl
URL: http://www.openetworks.pl/
ONS provides expertise in the areas of Firewalls, VPN Gateways, Web Servers, Intrusion Detection and Mail Servers. We also offer security audits and develops security policies.
Michal Kosinski
Void Systems
Grochowska 14E
Warszawa, Mazowieckie 04-217
Phone: +48(22)6101357
FAX: +48(22)8798231
Email: openbsd@voidsystems.pl
URL: http://www.voidsystems.pl/
Installation and support for entire spectrum of OpenBSD solutions, from nat/firewall/vpn all the way to application servers, with focus on highest possible security levels. Additional research and development of embedded OpenBSD devices.
Adam Naguszewski
Goralska 61/42
Gdansk, Pomorskie 80-292
Phone: 0048609102752 0048583425919
Email: admin@bmtmc.gda.pl
URL: http://www.bmtmc.gda.pl/
OpenBSD installations and configurations. Worked for government institutions as well as for large corporations. Intrusion Detection Systems, firewalls, nats, proxies, webservers, heavy load mail systems with GUI interface. Security advisor experienced in firewalling. Training. Maintainer of anoncvs.pl.openbsd.org.
Jakub Werelich
Gubinska 8
Wroclaw 54-434
Phone: +48 71 78-55-77-5
Email: info@e-systems.pl
URL: http://www.e-systems.pl
Installation and administration of *BSD and Linux systems.
Paulo Laureano
Mr Net - Serviços informáticos lda
Av Elias Garcia. 147. 2 esq.
Lisbon, Lisbon 1050 LISBOA
Phone: +351217826920
FAX: +351217826929
Email: pls@mrnet.pt
URL: http://www.mrnet.pt/
Over 7 years using UNIX for e-commerce and firewalls. We use and support both Linux and OpenBSD servers, being the latest used on all high security applications (firewalls, critical databases, etc). The company handles rapid response to break-ins and provides security audits to servers, connected networks and VPN connect networks.
Paulo Sopa
InteligenSis Lda.
Bairro da Castelhana, Rua dos Eucaliptos, 452
Lisboa, Loures 2695-548 São João da Talha
Phone: +351 21 994 82 17
FAX: +351 21 994 35 21
Email: psopa@ies.pt
URL: http://www.ies.pt/
Focus on Security since 1991. We design, implement and support high security OpenBSD file, database, web, mail, E-commerce, and B2B servers. Intranet solutions based on Lan-to-Lan and Host-to-Lan VPN,´s (IPsec) and strong Firewalls. We provide low response-time local assistance, telemaintenance and security audits.
Pedro Rebello de Andrade
Cidreira - Sistemas de Informação Lda.
Rua dos Industriais, 25, 1E
Lisbon, Lisbon 1200-685 Lisbon
Phone: +351 21 392 89 75
FAX: + 351 21 392 89 79
Email: cidreira@net.novis.pt
Consulting services and project implementation on OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Linux and Windows. Our main focuses are network security, system interoperability and intra-network normalization of services. We're specialized in small to medium networks.
Pedro Almeida
Secure Networks Lda.
Rua Pedro Alvares Cabral, N-119, 4-C
Coimbra 3030-069
Phone: +351-914039968
FAX: +351-239701521
Email: palmeida@securenetworks.pt
URL: http://www.securenetworks.pt/
Secure Networks is a company dedicated to network related technologies and our solutions and products are focused in open source. Nowadays the simplicity, versatility and quality are very important factors. Since these are some of the strong points of the OpenBSD operating system, and we have a solid knowledge on it, most of our solutions and products are OpenBSD based.
Elizarov Andrej
Moscow 141101
Email: vigilancer@gmail.com
Over 6 years experience with OpenBSD. OpenBSD consulting, installation, maintenance and support for mailservers, webservices, VPN, firewalls, web-applications.
Lin Xiaohan
AUX MicroSystems PTE. LTD.
504, Serangoon North Ave 4, #14-468
Singapore, Singapore 550504
Phone: +65-97995569
Email: linxh@megamesh.com
BSD systems setup, maintenance and coding. Web applications with PostgreSQL/MySQL backend. Various server software (BIND, Apache, Sendmail, etc.) related installation and programming.
Gilbert Foo
Forgotten Technologies
17 Sungei Kadut St 4
Singapore, Singapore 729045
Phone: 63680200
FAX: 62757498
Email: gilbert@forgotten.com.sg
URL: http://www.forgotten.com.sg/
Open-Source Business Solutions
Slovak Republic
Juraj Bednár
Juraj Bednár
Ruzova 7
Banska Bystrica 974 11
Email: juraj@bednar.sk
URL: http://juraj.bednar.sk/
Experience with FreeBSD server farms and OpenBSD firewalls, routers and snort-based intrusion detection systems. Installation and support services.
South Africa
James Wright
53 Grosvenor Road Bryanston
Johannesburg, Gauteng PO Box 98233 Sloan Park 2152
Phone: +27 11 706 1939
FAX: +27 11 706 1939
Email: jamesw@bsdhosting.co.za
URL: http://www.bsdhosting.co.za/
Network and Security Consulting Services, support for OpenBSD and other BSDs, OpenBSD Hosted Internet Services, pre-built and installed OpenBSD Servers and Workstations. Focused on OpenBSD/i386 and OpenBSD/sparc.
Jose M Mejia
Novestec Systems
Font Nova 1
Alcora, Castellon 12110
Phone: +34 964360824
FAX: +34 964360824
Email: networking@novestec.com
URL: http://www.novestec.com/
Empresa especializada en redes, seguridad y sistemas informaticos. Servidores de red, proxies y firewalls bajo OpenBSD. Gran experiencia en otros sabores de Unix y productos Cisco.
Daniel Alcántara de la Hoz
Avenida de Finisterre 327 2
A Coruña, A Coruña 15008
Phone: +34 981 900 129
FAX: +34 981 148 048
Email: openbsd@iproyectos.com
URL: http://www.iproyectos.com/
We do open source development, strong security auditing and other IP services. We provide OpenBSD consulting among other unixes. Although based in A Coruña, we work nationwide. Also, we are members of the FSF.
Jonas Eriksson
Webbkonsulterna AB
Kyrkgatan 60
Ostersund SE-83134
Phone: +46.63.180888
FAX: +46.63.180889
Email: info@wk.se
URL: http://www.wk.se/
We supply *BSD installation, maintenance and services, along with consulting services within Apache, Squid, Samba and SQL. We also offer consulting services across Europe for security and mission critical solutions on *BSD platforms.
Per-Olov Sjoholm
Init AB
Engelbrektsgatan 7
Stockholm 114 86
Phone: +46-8-4070100
Email: info@init.se
URL: http://www.init.se/
We supply *BSD and Linux expertise since 1994. On OpenBSD we have many installations with everything from DNS, SMTP, WEB, routers, VPN to redundant firewalls. We also provide security analysis, network planning, training and support among other things in these areas.
Marc Balmer
micro systems
Wiesendamm 2a, Postfach
Basel, Basel-Stadt CH-4019
Phone: +41 61 383 05 10
FAX: +41 61 383 05 12
Email: marc@msys.ch
URL: https://www.msys.ch/
15+ Years UNIX experience, training, consulting and software development on UNIX. TCP/IP network planning and realization. OpenBSD routers and firewalls, OpenBSD training for system administrators. Preinstalled OpenBSD systems (out of the box servers and firewalls).
Mathias Schmocker
SMAT Engineering LLC
Boulevard Georges-Favon 20
Geneva, Geneva CH-1204
Phone: +41 22 800 3400
FAX: +41 22 800 3401
Email: smat@acm.org
URL: http://www.smat.ch/
We are a team of specialists in IT consulting and software development. We've specialized in Unix system administration and security since 1992. We've been using OpenBSD for our client's Internet infrastructure since 1999 (firewalls, secure servers, etc.)
Kirill Ponazdyr
Codeangels Solutions GmbH
Industriestrasse 8
Oetwil Am See, ZH 8618
Phone: +41 (0)43 844 90 10
FAX: +41 (0)43 844 90 12
URL: http://www.codeangels.com/
Offers its customers a range of IT Security, Network and UNIX Services. We utilize and support OpenBSD in our services and solutions.
Apsis GmbH
Uetikon am See, Zurich CH-8707
Phone: +41-1-920 49 04
Email: info@apsis.ch
URL: http://www.apsis.ch/
We supply a wide range of OpenBSD-based security solutions, including Internet gateways, firewalls, IDS, VPN, etc. We have developed our own security appliance ASD2v, which is itself based on OpenBSD. Additionally we offer our customers consulting services for network optimisations and deployment.
Stephan A. Rickauer
StarTek Rickauer
Postbox 19
Zurich, ZH 8118
Phone: +41 32 512 8000
FAX: +41 32 512 8000
Email: info@startek.ch
URL: http://startek.ch/
StarTek is an enterprise specialised in Unix/Linux system infrastructure, which aims to be "secure by design". The company concentrates on consulting, design and implementation of Free Unix systems (as OpenBSD) and offers training, maintenance and support.
Tonga Siliva
Infotech Tonga
Suite 16/17 Tungi Arcade Business Centre
Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu
Phone: +(676) 27-399
FAX: +(676) 27-637
Email: info@infotech.tbu.to
URL: http://www.tbu.to/
We have been working with OpenBSD since version 2.8. OpenBSD is our OS of choice for servers and desktop systems alike.
Tamer Sahin
1452 sok. no:70
Izmir, Alsancak 35370
Phone: +905422448157
Email: ts@securityoffice.net
URL: http://www.securityoffice.net
Security consulting services work supporting OpenBSD and other *nix systems.
Metin Pasaoglu
Bilcag A.S.
Kavacik Mah. Percemlikiz Sok. Kondur Apt. A Blok No:34/6
Beykoz, Istanbul 34610
Phone: +902164654950
FAX: +902164654865
Email: metin@bilcag.net
URL: http://www.bilcag.net/
*BSD installation, maintenance, support and consulting services (file servers, web servers, mail servers, database servers, routers). OpenBSD used for any security related appliances.
EnderUNIX Yazilim Gelistirme Ekibi
Büyükdere cad. Garaj sok. No:3 Kat:7 Mecidiyeköy-ISTANBUL
Istanbul, Uskudar 34381
Phone: 90 505 526 0064
Email: core@enderunix.org
URL: http://www.enderunix.org/
*BSD consultant and Unix services support. Firewall, VPN and NIDS/NIPS solution using OpenBSD.
United Arab Emirates
Dan Handley
DSI Gulf
NB06, Jebel Ali,
Dubai, Dubai 18654
Phone: +9714 883 0955
FAX: +0814 883 0956
Email: daniel.handley@dsi-gulf.ae
URL: http://www.dsi-gulf.ae
BSD / Linux Support Outfit. We Provide support on vpn, firewalls, file servers, mail servers, database servers, web servers, intrusion detection, PKI and proxy services.
Mejo Jose
Mejo Jose
Dubai, Dubai 1172
Phone: 055 7685725
FAX: 055 7685725
Email: info@kannayath.com
URL: http://www.kannayath.com/
I am an Open source consultant based in Dubai, UAE. Please check out my website for more details.
United States
James Jerkins
James Jerkins Computer Consulting
1809 North Wood Avenue
Florence, Alabama 35630
URL: http://www.jamesjerkinscomputer.com/
OpenBSD and Linux installation, maintenance, and support for businesses and institutions. Systems supported include IDS, firewalls, VPNs, DNS, web caches and proxies, ftp servers, and web servers.
Ben Goren
Post Office Box 964
Tempe, Arizona 85280-0964
Phone: 480-966-9472
Email: ben@trumpetpower.com
URL: http://www.trumpetpower.com/
I specialize in database-backed Web sites run on OpenBSD; a live sample is available. I can provide OpenBSD (or other Unix-like operating system) installation, administration, and consultation services. Experience in and certifications for teaching and training; can write documentation.
Zack Williams
Artisan Computer Services LLC
P.O. Box 1936
TucsonZ 85702-1936, Arizona
Phone: (520) 977-2973
Email: zdw@artisancomputer.com
URL: http://www.artisancomputer.com/
We provide firewalls, internet servers, and network security using OpenBSD on diverse hardware platforms. We also do general system administration and computer consulting on a variety of platforms (Mac OS X, Windows, *BSD, Linux), with an emphasis on integration and security.
Justin Reigle
1409 Lafayette St. Apt. 6
Alameda, California 94501
Phone: 510-864-2094
Email: inert@sysmatrix.net
Worked with companies offering professional-grade OpenBSD systems. Also, expertise in coding on the OpenBSD and *BSD platforms.
Protectix, Inc.
1875 South Bascom Avenue #116-219
Campbell, California 95008-2310
Phone: (408) 331-1972
FAX: (866) 642-7438
Email: sales@protectix.com
URL: http://protectix.com/
Protectix provides commercial support for OpenBSD and professional training on installation and setup. Other services include outsourced network management, vulnerability testing, Firewall, VPN and comprehensive security consulting.
Max Haskvitz
eRacks Open Source Systems
1444 N Batavia
Orange, California 92867
Phone: 714-532-5322
FAX: 714-532-5324
Email: consulting@eracks.com
URL: http://www.eracks.com/
We provide ready-to-run OpenBSD servers, both rackmount and other form factors. Firewalls, Mail/DNS/Web servers, other bastion hosts. We also provide Network design, planning, and architecture services, as well as custom-configured OpenBSD systems. We will preinstall & configure CARP, pfw, firewall rules, pfsync, IPSEC, VPNs, etc. We've been doing this since 1999.
Jack Woehr
SoftWoehr dot com
PO Box 51
Golden, Colorado 80402-0051
Phone: 303-277-9574
Email: jax@well.com
URL: http://www.softwoehr.com/softwoehr/
Expert software developer - team mentor and better than mediocre OpenBSD admin since 2.5.
Doug Maxwell
Turing Labs, LLC
74 Stebbins Road
Somers, Connecticut 06071
Phone: +1 860-272-9103
Email: doug@turinglabs.com
URL: http://www.turinglabs.com/
Turing Labs provides stable and highly secure network services, (firewall, database, web, email, backup, and file) with OpenBSD and Linux. We also offer per-incident support, training and managed services. A portion of our OpenBSD-related profits are donated directly to the project.
Bill Chmura
Strongpoint Networks
962 South Main St. #17
Plantsville, Connecticut 06479
Phone: (860) 621.6030
Email: bill.chmura@StrongpointNetworks.com
URL: http://www.strongpointnetworks.com/
OpenBSD installation and configuration for firewalls, e-mail servers, web servers, and routers. Internet access monitoring and caching along with bandwidth management. Network monitoring systems and services. 10 years Unix experience.
Paul Pruett
Cocoa Village Publishing
P.O. Box 218
Cocoa, Florida 32923
Phone: 321-633-4990
FAX: 321-633-4997
Email: ppruett@webengr.com
URL: http://www.webengr.com/
Setup, support, hosting and consulting. We also use OpenBSD for our web services including Sendmail for Email, SSL Apache for Web Servers with PHP MailMan for EMail Lists, Mysql and more. We can show you how to use anonCVS to rebuild kernel, /usr/src and /usr/ports :-)
Dan Ouellet
Ouellet Consulting Inc.
7996 Grant Court
Tallahassee, Florida 32309
Phone: 850-907-9757
Email: dan@danosoft.com
OCI specialize in systems/networks design, implementation and security solutions, including solutions meeting HIPPA requirements. We spec out, configure and support firewalls, proxy-arrays, servers, switches, mail systems, web servers, databases, etc. We are familiar with and support most Windows and Unix/Linux systems including OpenBSD. We offer remote administration services worldwide, on all supported platforms. We plan and assist with Active Directory migrations.
Eric Pancer
Ten South Canal Street
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Phone: +1-312-373-0037
Email: eric@catastrophe.net
URL: http://users.catastrophe.net/eric/
Installation, configuration and troubleshooting of a variety of UNIX operating systems focusing on OpenBSD. Specialist in computer and network security issues; experienced in incident response and forensic analysis.
joshua stein
1658 N. Milwaukee Ave. Suite 504
Chicago, Illinois 60647
Phone: +1-815-669-5551
Email: openbsd@superblock.net
URL: http://superblock.net/
Commercial support and deployment of OpenBSD firewalls and application servers. Network design and OpenBSD integration. Custom OpenBSD feature development.
Todd Boyer, CISSP
126 Autumn End Place
Laurel, Maryland 20724
Phone: 301-498-2503
Email: Support@AutumnTECH.com
URL: http://www.AutumnTECH.com/
Enterprise Spam and E-mail Virus filtering hardware based on OpenBSD. Security Consulting services for new and existing OpenBSD implementations.
Jason Dixon
DixonGroup Consulting
385 Winged Foot Drive
Westminster, Maryland 21158
Phone: 443-722-6673
Email: jason@dixongroup.net
URL: http://www.dixongroup.net
DixonGroup Consulting is a full service computer consulting firm specializing in Internet Systems, Custom Programming and Deployment, and Network Services. Our focus continues to be on stable, secure solutions built on the OpenBSD and Linux platforms.
James Turner
BSD Group Consulting
Pinckney, Michigan 48169
Email: james@bsdgroup.org
URL: http://www.bsdgroup.org/
BSD Group Consulting provides technical support for OpenBSD and other UNIX-like operating systems from top to bottom, start to finish. We also specialize in the development of dynamic web-based applications built on top of PHP and PostgresSQL/MySQL.
Zachary Schneider
Ironkeep Technologies LLC
1129 woodmere ave. suite J
Traverse City, Michigan 49686
Phone: 231-922-3577
FAX: 231-922-7328
Email: info@ironkeep.net
URL: http://www.ironkeep.net/
Custom secure Internet solutions utilizing OpenBSD including: Firewalls, Mail, WWW, E-commerce etc.
Marshall M. Midden
9792 Hemlock Lane North
Maple Grove, Minnesota 55369
Email: marshallmidden@yahoo.com
URL: http://www.umn.edu/~m4/
Used OpenBSD for many years. In 2001, implemented embedded no-MMU mips port (with speciality driver help) including fork(). [Not a mistake.] Inexperience with the VM system stopped NFS from working -- no customer would ever use it [compiling the whole system without an MMU?], but almost everything else worked! Fixed uclinux port. Used kernel.org linux and put in fork(). Lots more stuff!
L. V. Lammert, PhD
Omnitec Corporation
PO Box 411010
St. Louis, Missouri 63141
Phone: 314-997-4600
Email: info@omnitec.net
URL: http://www.omnitec.net/
Over 20 years experience in software development, networking, Internet. Building, maintaining, and developing on OpenBSD since 2.6. We provide consulting, software development (C, C++), web development (PHP, Perl), hosting, support, and sys admin services for OpenBSD and Linux.
Richard Welty
Averill Park Networking
P.O. Box 629
Averill Park, New York 12018
Phone: 518-573-7592
Email: rwelty@averillpark.net
URL: http://www.averillpark.net/
OpenBSD setup/installation/remote administration. Network engineering, firewalls, VPNs, software development (C/Java/PHP/PostgreSQL/MySQL). Also experienced with Solaris and Linux.
Chad Stewart, GCFW, GCIH
Balius Inc.
460 Buffalo Road
East Aurora, New York 14052
Phone: 716-805-8393
FAX: 716-805-3338
Email: Chad@Balius.com
URL: http://www.balius.com/
Balius Inc. is a IT full services firm specializing in Internet systems. OpenBSD and Linux/Unix installation, configuration, maintenance, and support of systems providing: firewall, web, email, DNS, IDS, VPN, etc.. We also offer fully managed services and monitoring.
Douglas Dillon
I.T. Xpress, Inc.
1225 Ridgeway Ave.
Rochester, New York 14615
Phone: 585-458-0590
FAX: 585-458-0590
Email: dougd@itxpressinc.com
URL: http://www.itxpressinc.com/
We specialize in Compaq/Digital, Alpha/Vax systems and hardware utilizing UNIX OS. Also Sun and HP. We configure systems for use with Open BSD.
Jason Walker
Sentry Labs llc.
73 Wilmer St.
Rochester, New York 14607
Phone: 585-256-2568
Email: walkerjg@smtp.sentrylabs.com
Available for system consulting on OpenBSD (general), Linux clusters, VOIP, data security.
Brian Shumate
383 River Ridge Road
Boone, North Carolina 28607
Phone: 828-719-0706
FAX: 828-719-0706
Email: info@openmindshare.com
URL: http://www.openmindshare.com/
Fifteen years of UNIX-like experience- We've been using, supporting, and looking forward to releases of OpenBSD since version 2.0. We specialize in networking applications, from appliance devices based on the OpenBSD packet filter, to intrusion detection systems, and other network services, like LDAP, Mail, HTTP, LAMP, and more. If it runs OpenBSD, we'll work with it!
Lawrence Teo
Calyptix Security
8701 Mallard Creek Rd
Charlotte, North Carolina 28262
Phone: 704-971-8989
FAX: 704-971-8990
Email: openbsd-consult@calyptix.com
URL: http://www.calyptix.com/
Calyptix Security provides all-in-one network security solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Our AccessEnforcer product line consists of OpenBSD-based security appliances that comprise a comprehensive range of features including firewall, Snort IDS/IPS, VPN, email antivirus, anti-spyware, spam filtering, web filtering, and IM management. We also perform consulting services including vulnerability assessments for regulatory compliance, mitigation, remediation and network monitoring.
Todd T. Fries
Free Daemon Consulting
1417 Oxford Way
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120
Phone: 405-227-9094
Email: todd@fries.net
URL: http://FreeDaemonConsulting.com/
OpenBSD/UNIX consulting in support of free software solutions.
Mike Jarsulic
440 Chatham Park Dr.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15220
Phone: 412-953-9323
Email: m.jarsulic@verizon.net
Installation and support of OpenBSD servers (mail, Web, DNS, database, FTP), firewalls, IDS, and VPNs. Also experienced in Linux, NT, and Netware. Working with OpenBSD since 2.4.
Collective Technologies
9433 Bee Caves Road
Austin, Texas 78733
Phone: 512-263-5500
FAX: 512-263-0606
Email: contact@colltech.com
URL: http://www.colltech.com/
Systems management services for distributed enterprise computing environments. Collective Technologies specializes in keeping complex computer systems running reliably offering a full range of support services including UNIX, NT, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD.
Philip Carinhas
Fortuitous Technologies
P.O. Box 9895
Austin, Texas 78766
Phone: 512-218-9561
Email: support@fortuitous.com
URL: http://www.fortuitous.com/
Support and Training for OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Linux, and Mac OSX. System administration, configuration, and networking. Firewall, VPN, and secure network configuration for all OS flavors. Postfix, Qmail, DNS, and Apache.
Kevin Pate
Pate Consulting, Inc.
1621 Milam, Suite 220
Houston, Texas 77002
Phone: 713.333.5468
FAX: 713.333.5494
Email: info@pateconsulting.com
URL: http://www.pateconsulting.com/
We specialize in providing solid open source solutions for businesses using OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and Linux. 6 years in business. 12 years of experience - MCSE, CCNA, RHCE certifications - Also MySQL, PostgreSQL. VPNs, firewalls, wireless, DNS, squidGuard, mail - even training with OpenBSD.
James Shupe
Open Software Research & Education
911 Lawrence Dr.
Longview, Texas 75604
Phone: 9037044310
Email: sales@osre.org
URL: http://www.osre.org/
We provide open infrastructure design, development, deployment, maintenance and training. We specialize in OpenBSD routing and firewall platforms utilizing OpenBGPD, OpenOSPFD, PF, and other included technologies.
Andras Kende
301 Lake Village Dr
McKinney, Texas 75071
Phone: 214-578-0400
Email: andras@kende.com
URL: http://www.kende.com/
OpenBSD installation, support and consulting services. Also Apache, Squid, Samba, Qmail, MySQL, Gateways, Firewalls, VPN.
Brad Davis
Enclavix LLC
Street Address
Draper, Utah 84020
Phone: 801-913-4506
FAX: 801-553-2675
Email: brad.davis@enclavix.com
URL: http://www.enclavix.com/
Enclavix can provide development, support, porting, and configuration services for OpenBSD. We can work at any level, from applications (web servers, databases, etc.) to kernel hacking (including drivers). We specialize in secure, embedded OpenBSD systems for information appliances.
Alexander G. Chamandy
4201 Wilson Blvd, Suite 110-448
Arlington, Virginia 22203
Phone: 866-536-3001
FAX: 703-892-3132
Email: info@envescent.com
URL: http://www.envescent.com/
Envescent is a leading provider of technology products and services focused on Unix and Unix-like operating systems. We offer consulting, application development, pre-installed workstations and servers, hardware, outsourced system and network administration and implementation, security auditing, technical support and much more.
Todd M. Kover
Omniscient Technologies
36051 Birch Hollow Lane
Purcellville, Virginia 20132
Phone: +1-540-668-7602
Email: info@omniscient.com
URL: http://www.omniscient.com/
Washington D.C. based consulting group with a broad array of experience in *BSD, Solaris, Linux and many other varieties of unix specializing in highly scalable systems, systems integration and network security. Custom application design also available.
4300 Ridgewood Center
Woodbridge, Virginia 22192
Phone: 703-730-2100
FAX: 703-730-1900
Email: sales@teksecurelabs.com
URL: http://www.teksecurelabs.com/index.php
We are mostly concerned with the security implementation of OpenBSD. Our interest is the operation and implementation of network and Internet security. Please contact us for more information.
ShieldWolf Technologies, LLC
11921 Freedom Drive, Suite 550
Reston, Virginia 20190
Phone: 866.814.2620
Email: openbsd-support@shieldwolf.com
URL: http://www.shieldwolf.com/
Provider of network assurance solutions based on OpenBSD.
Jeremy C. Reed
Puget Sound Technology
Marysville, Washington 98271
Phone: 360-658-5676
Email: info@pugetsoundtechnology.com
URL: http://www.pugetsoundtechnology.com/
Provides classroom training specifically for OpenBSD, and offers technical support services for various open source software.
Josh Pennell
8314 Greenwood Avenue North Suite 1300
Seattle, Washington
Phone: 206-297-3155
Email: joshp@ioactive.com
URL: http://www.ioactive.com/
IOActive specializes in secure web hosting for internet developers. We utilize OpenBSD to help us achieve this goal. We also specialize in network audits, intrusion detection systems and custom crypto applications written in Java.
United Kingdom
Rob Pickering
IP Cortex Ltd
Bletchley Park
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK3 6EB
Phone: +44 1908 276650
FAX: +44 1908 276699
Email: rob@ipcortex.co.uk
URL: http://www.ipcortex.co.uk/
16 years experience setting up and developing software on BSD based platforms. Currently specialise in building inexpensive firewall and VPN setups, including VoIP infrastructure using OpenBSD. Also work on secure service provider implementations.
Dave Pullig
Red Cube Systems Limited
Suite 144, 91 Western Road
Brighton, East Sussex BN1 2NW
Phone: 08707 459140
FAX: 08707 459141
Email: openbsd@redcubesystems.com
URL: http://www.redcubesystems.com/
We design and install and administer OpenBSD based servers and firewalls both for private and public networks. Security and reliablity are always our priority.
Sevan Janiyan
Venture 37
Coalbrook House, Freshfield Business Park, Stevenson Road
Brighton, East Sussex BN2 0DF
Phone: 01273 808563
Email: info@venture37.com
URL: http://www.venture37.com/
We provide Mail,Web & DNS hosting solutions based on Open & FreeBSD as well as technical support (on site or remote (Windows, OS X, *BSD, Linux), server management, connectivity & collocation in Brighton or London.
Valdo Alvarez
Valdo Alvarez
21 Vincent Square
London, London SW1P 2LX
Phone: +44 20 8938 6702
Email: info@unixconsulting.info
URL: http://www.unixconsulting.info/
Focused on BSD/Linux and Open Source consultancy and support.
Jay Quadri
NetSecured Solutions Ltd
Baker Street
Marylebone, London NW1 5RS
Phone: +44(0)7775567567
FAX: +44(0) 0207 7872068
Email: info@net-secured.com
URL: http://www.net-secured.com/
We provide cheaper Network & Host Centric Security with emphasis on OpenBSD PF, Intrusion Detection Systems & Network Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, VPN, Wireless Networks, Firewall Deployment, ISO 17799 Compliance, Security Policy, Technical writing, PKI technology, Unix & Linux Admin & Web Presence.
Kapil Sharma
16, Gayton Court, Gayton Road, Harrow
Harrow, Middlesex HA1 2HB
Phone: +44 7786061440
FAX: +44 2089334691
Email: sales@linux4biz.net
URL: http://www.linux4biz.net/
Linux4biz is an independent provider of comprehensive Internet solutions, specialising in the Solaris, LINUX, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD operating systems and Open Source Software. Linux4biz Consultants are able to advise on all aspects of implementing and administrating Unix/Linux servers and FreeBSD solutions, E-mail servers, Mailing list servers, Web servers, DNS, Internet Security, Security Audits, Intrusion detection, Stress testing, Intranet setup, High Availability server solutions, Network solutions, Remote administration solutions.
Bruce D. Allen-Greig
Allen-Greig IT Consulting
Phone: +44 (0)1782 399 135
FAX: +44 (0)1782 399 135
Email: openbsd@allen-greig.com
URL: http://www.allen-greig.com/
Over 12 years IT Consultancy and Management, we specialize in Information Technology for businesses of any size who want to take advantage of high quality Consultancy and Services.
Tom Callway
Sirius Corporation
Rivermead House, Hamm Moor Lane
Weybridge, Surrey KT15 2SF
Phone: +44 (0) 870 608 0063
Email: tom.callway@siriusit.co.uk
URL: http://www.siriusit.co.uk
Sirius Corp. delivers professional OpenBSD deployment and support Europe. We recommend OpenBSD for security related appliances but have extensive experience with major UNIX-based systems including Linux, Solaris, NetBSD and FreeBSD. Our clients include some of the largest corporations and public sector organisations in the UK.
Sergey Prysiazhnyi
Uritskogo 45 Street
Kiev 03035
Phone: +380 44 245 6495
FAX: +380 44 245 6398
Email: s.prysiazhnyi@atmnis.com
URL: http://www.atmnis.com/
7+ years of UNIX experience, mostly with OpenBSD. All complex solution models of company are based on OpenBSD. Network and security consulting services. Consulting and support for OpenBSD.
JesUs Lima
Av. Urdaneta, Edf. Iberia, P.H., La Candelaria.
Caracas, Región Capital 01010
Phone: (+58 212) 5631295, 5631503
FAX: (+58 212) 5631337
Email: unixsup@unixsup.com
URL: http://www.unixsup.com/
Soporte, instalación y configuración de Redes TCP/IP y Servidores UNIX, *BSD, Linux, Solaris, SCO Unix, AIX; contamos con más de 10 años de experiencia desarrollando proyectos e implementando plataformas informáticas con Servidores basados en Unix y Redes TCP/IP.

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There are similar sets of support people for most of the other free UNIX-like systems, in particular NetBSD and FreeBSD.

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