Ordering OpenBSD products

OpenBSD 4.8
Nov 1, 2010
Every six months (around May 1 and Nov 1) OpenBSD makes an official software release. To accompany this free software release on the FTP servers, we make artwork and a song which are distributed along with the software on a set of CDs. The proceeds from sale of these products is the primary funding of the OpenBSD project.

We have a close relationship with our primary distributor the Computer Shop of Calgary who also sells our product worldwide direct to customers via post or courier.

Worldwide orders for the new (and older) products can be made from the Computer Shop of Calgary order site.

Our products are also available at many stores around the world. Typically, these stores will have the current release and accept pre-orders for the next release, but their stock of older releases will vary greatly. The OpenBSD project does not keep track of which store has which releases or items in stock. If you see a store on this list which is not stocking either the current or next release, or has other problems, please inform deraadt@openbsd.org so that other customers won't run into the same difficulties.

Choose a store to order from (by country, alphabetically)
OpenBSD 4.8
Nov 1, 2010

Release CD


Puffy Mug

Book of PF
2nd Edition

  OpenBSD 4.7
Released on
May 19, 2010

Release CD




Victoria, Australia Linux Systems Labs Australia More Info
Sydney, Australia Pacific ESI More Info
Vienna, Austria Fachbuchhandlung Lehrmittelzentrum More Info
Vienna, Austria www.pinguin.at More Info
China Open Source Fanshop More Info
Paris, France Le Monde En Tique More Info
Germany, EU ixsoft More Info
Germany, Austria, Switzerland Lehmanns Fachbuchhandlung GmbH More Info
Wiehl, Germany oeko.net More Info
München, Germany LinuxLand International More Info
Bochum, Germany Bochumer Universitaetsverlag GmbH More Info
Venice area, Italy Open Company / NS3 More Info
Haarlem, Netherlands Mensys BV More Info
Amsterdam, Netherlands Computer Collectief More Info
Oslo, Norway Inferno Nettverk A/S More Info
Ljubljana, Slovenia JEPA More Info
Switzerland StarTek More Info
Stockport, UK / Europe OpenBSD Europe More Info
Hampshire, UK Holborn Books More Info
Denver, USA Softpro Books More Info

Ordering older products

The Computer Shop of Calgary
distributes for the project and
therefore has many of the older
CDs and T-shirts, such as these
and many more...
 ... etc.

You can also contact your favorite book seller and give them the current ISBN number, and ask them to special order for you. In fact this is a good way to help increase channels of distribution for OpenBSD, since if they get a number of orders, it may encourage them to stock it regularly in the future.

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