OpenBSD/mac68k runs on many of the Motorola 680x0-based Apple Macintosh computers. It requires a Motorola 68020, 68030, or a 68040 processor. If you have a 68020, it will also need a Motorola 68851 PMMU (note that this is different from the 68881, which is an FPU).

A mailing list dedicated to the OpenBSD/mac68k port is available at mac68k@openbsd.org. To join the OpenBSD/mac68k mailing list, send a message body of "subscribe mac68k" to majordomo@openbsd.org. Please be sure to check our mailing list policy before subscribing.

There is currently no maintainer for the mac68k port, although others are definitely welcome to contribute!

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The mac68k port of OpenBSD was derived from NetBSD/mac68k, and it used to support most of the same hardware as NetBSD.

Active building and testing of OpenBSD/mac68k was discontinued after OpenBSD 4.6 due to lack of interest with developers and builder.

Current status:

All hardware listed in the supported hardware section below should boot multi-user, and support enough of the on-board devices to be generally usable.

Projects (in no particular order):

Supported hardware:

Supported models

OpenBSD/mac68k runs on a large part of the 680x0-based Macintosh computers. The kernel itself has support for the following processor combinations:

The following Macintosh models are supported and tested. This means that at least the SCSI controller, serial console and on-board ethernet will function on these models. On some of these machines, a full 68040 CPU is required to replace the default 68LC040 CPU.

Supported devices

Untested systems

The following Macintosh models are untested and/or lack support for major subsystems. It is very likely that many of these system don't work at all.

Unsupported systems

Unsupported devices

Getting and installing OpenBSD/mac68k:

The latest supported OpenBSD/mac68k release is OpenBSD 4.6. Here are the OpenBSD/mac68k 4.6 installation instructions .

Supported platforms
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