OpenBSD/aviion is an experimental port of OpenBSD to the Motorola 88100- and 88110-based AViiON systems manufactured by Data General.

A mailing list for m88k-based ports is available at m88k@openbsd.org. To join the OpenBSD/m88k mailing list, send a message body of "subscribe m88k" to majordomo@openbsd.org. Please be sure to check our mailing list policy before subscribing.

The current port maintainer is Miod Vallat (miod@openbsd.org). Others are definitely welcome to contribute!

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In September 2003, Chris Tribo published some excerpts of the technical documentation for the AViiON series 400. Having a look at it, it was obvious these systems were built upon a modified MVME188 design, already supported by OpenBSD/mvme88k, but there was no interest in working on AViiON support at that time.

Then, late April 2006, enough boredom convinced Miod Vallat to start a port, even though he did not have access to any AViiON hardware, as a challenge. In two weeks, thanks to the help of Chris Tribo, a model 410 was running multiuser (but diskless) - a proof that this effort was worth continuing inside the OpenBSD tree. And work continues..

Current status:

All supported models (or with similar designs) should run multi-user but diskless, and currently limited to serial console. Also, on multiprocessor machines, the system will currently run on one processor only.

Projects (in no particular order):

Supported hardware:

Supported machines

Untested machines

Unsupported machines

Getting and installing OpenBSD/aviion:

Snapshots are made available from time to time, in this location as well as in a few mirrors.

Here are the OpenBSD/aviion snapshot installation instructions .

Supported platforms
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