OpenBSD/armish runs on various ARM-based appliances, using the Redboot boot loader (and which boot Linux by default).

A mailing list for ARM-based ports is available at arm@openbsd.org. To join the OpenBSD/arm mailing list, send a message body of "subscribe arm" to majordomo@openbsd.org. Please be sure to check our mailing list policy before subscribing.

The current port maintainer is Dale Rahn (drahn@openbsd.org).

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OpenBSD/armish is the 3rd OpenBSD port to ARM based machines, after cats and zaurus. It is intended to support a variety of rather similar ARM-based machines:

Current status:

Development is currently pretty active.

Projects (in no particular order):

Getting and installing OpenBSD/armish

The latest supported OpenBSD/armish release is OpenBSD 4.8. Here are the OpenBSD/armish 4.8 installation instructions .

Snapshots are made available from time to time, in this location as well as in a few mirrors. Here are the OpenBSD/armish snapshot installation instructions as well.

Supported platforms
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