OpenBSD/amiga runs on the Amiga machines manufactured by Commodore. It requires a Motorola 68020 or better processor, with an external Motorola 68851 PMMU in case of a 68020. This leaves out models 500, 600 and 1000 which can not receive accelerator boards.

The OpenBSD/amiga port has been discontinued after the 3.2 release.

There is currently no one working on bringing this port back to life. The source code is still available in the CVS Attic, and code can be found in NetBSD as well. If you are interested in reviving the amiga port, make it work and contact Niklas Hallqvist.

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The OpenBSD/amiga was initially derived from NetBSD/amiga in 1995, and used to loosely track the NetBSD changes until 1998. Niklas Hallqvist also wrote a new interrupt remapping system, improving average performance, revamped the installation media, and ported the ISA bus support to a big-endian platform, for GoldenGate II and CrossLink cards.

After a few years, due to the lack of users, this port was slowly left in oblivion, although releases were still being made. Eventually, it was decided to stop supporting it and remove the code from the tree.

Supported hardware:

Supported models

PowerPC-based accelerator cards are not supported.

Supported peripherals

Getting and installing OpenBSD/amiga:

The last supported OpenBSD/amiga release was OpenBSD 3.2.

Supported platforms
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